Besides hospitality and quality, Conference and meeting centre Hét Kasteel highly values sustainability. The 3 Ps of corporate social responsibility and sustainability – ‘People, Planet and Profit’ – are reflected in every aspect of daily business operations. For example, conference and meeting centre Hét Kasteel offers placements to young disabled people who, with intensive support, develop into worthy hosts and hostesses with a promising future.

Organic products of honest brands

Conference and meeting centre Hét Kasteel also works with organic and/or sustainable products of honest brands where possible. The kitchen operates sustainably by reducing waste to an absolute minimum. Dishes are prepared on the basis of the number of reservations and ‘better to make a little more than throw away’ is the motto in Hét Kasteel.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The paper flow is kept to a minimum by sending contracts and invoices in digital format where possible. Incoming e-mails are not printed unnecessarily. As you can see, conference and meeting centre Hét Kasteel meets the needs of its guests, but also takes account of the wellbeing of people and the environment.

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